2018/09/21 · All

Austria in the Fast Lane of Science

Nature Index identifies Austria as one of six countries globally with the most dynamic development of their research systems.

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2018/01/09 · All

New approach can save up to 95% of energy used for pipelines

Study proves that turbulent flow can be destabilized so that it returns to an energy-saving laminar flow | Publication in Nature Physics

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2017/12/18 · All · IST Austria

Two ERC Consolidator Grants go to IST Austria researchers

Sylvia Cremer and Fyodor Kondrashov receive prestigious funding awards from the European Research Council | Total number of ERC Frontier Research Grants awarded to researchers at IST Austria rises to 38.

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2017/11/30 · All · IST Austria · TWIST

Virtual reality for bacteria

An interdisciplinary group of researchers interfaced individual bacteria with a computer to build a hybrid bio-digital circuit – Study published in Nature Communications.

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2017/11/14 · All · IST Austria

Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude

Researchers at IST Austria have built compact photon directional devices. Their micrometer-scale, nonmagnetic devices route microwave photons and can shield qubits from harmful noise.

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2017/09/29 · All · IST CUBE · TWIST

IST Austria connected scientists and founders at the Science-Industry Day

The slogan “Create. Connect. Translate.” guided through the Science Industry Day 2017 at IST Austria | Panel discussion with experts as well as Young Scientists’ and Founders’ Afternoon well attended.

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