Past TWIST Fellowship and Prototype Projects

Archive of completed TWIST Fellowship and TWIST Prototype projects.


TWIST Prototype Project: Development of a Morbidostat

Catalin Rusnac, PhD student in the Kondrashov lab, is working on improvements to a morbidostat device for monitoring and adjusting bacterial growth in real time. The device is cheap and easy to manufacture, and will be useful to researchers interested in studying evolutionary processes and the influence of antimicrobials on bacteria in culture.


TWIST Fellowship Project: Neurolentech

TWIST Fellows Joana Enes and Karin Stecher, working with Melanie Pieraks, are combining genetic and cell-based analyses to provide diagnostic information to doctors treating patients with autism and epilepsy. The findings from these analyses will be fed into a precision medicine pipeline to identify new therapeutic targets for these indications, and ultimately lead to development of new therapeutic strategies for patients for whom no treatment options are currently available. The Neurolentech TWIST fellowship has been successfully translated into the spin-out company Neurolentech GmbH.


TWIST Prototype Project: Worm Sorting and Screening Using Microfluidics

Jack Merrin, staff scientist in the Nanofabrication facility, is designing and constructing a high throughput microfluidic worm sorting platform. Potential applications of the device are in laboratory research, drug testing and toxicology screens.

TWIST Prototype Project: Evaluation of a Non-invasive Intervention in a Behavioural Mouse Model

Alessandro Venturino from the Siegert Lab is investigating whether a new approach to increasing brain plasticity can positively impact on behavior in a mouse model of depression.